Barn Wood Patina


A Cost Effective Barn Wood Alternative
Instantly give new wood the look of barn wood!

**Only $0.12 / square foot**

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A Cost Effective Barn Wood Alternative

Pioneer Wood Patina has been providing aged wood products and water soluble powder concentrate for over fourteen years. It can be applied to all types of wood products from flooring and siding to interior trim packages and ceiling boards.

Pioneer Wood Patina is a do- it- yourself powder treatment. When applied to new wood gives a brown/ grey appearance.

It is sold in 1 gallon and 5 gallon concentrates. Simply dissolve the concentrate into water and apply with a brush, roller or sprayer to give your new wood a brown/ grey patina.

Pioneer Wood Patina is not a paint or stain.  It is a patina which matures into a brown/ grey color after a few weeks.

Pioneer Wood Patina can be covered with any type of finish.  For instance, interior furniture can be finished with lacquer or polyurethane. Or, Flooring can be finished with a floor finish. For exterior projects, it can be left unfinished or sealed with a UV blocking finish to stop the maturing process of the patina.

The wood will never need to be re- treated and will continue to age with exposure to rain and sunshine.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is Pioneer Wood Products- Patina a green product?

A: Yes, it is safe for the environment! It can be safely used around gardens, lawns ect…


Q: What are the cost savings compared to barnwood?

A: The cost savings include the lower price of Pioneer Wood Products, material savings with less waste and longer board life and labor savings with better quality boards.


Q: What is the coverage?

A: 1 gallon- 150-200 SF

5gallon- 750-1000SF


Q: Can I apply a sealer over Pioneer Wood Products- Patina?

A: Absolutely! Any sealer will work however, we typically use silicone based wood sealers as some have UV protectants and cannot be seen when dry. The affects of using these type of sealers is that they will stop the Pioneer Wood Products- Patina from maturing any further so some of our customers will wait a few months or a year to get the look they after, then apply the sealer to preserve that look.


Q: What do I need to clean up?

A: Easy enough! soap and water


Q: Does the patina work on all wood species?

A: Yes, the patina works on all wood species. Most woods will mature into a medium brown/ grey color however, some species will need a little help from sunshine and rain. Ponderosa pine and Lodge Pole pine are the two species which we are currently aware of.


Q: The powder concentrate is red. Will this affect the color of my wood?

A: No, the red color has nothing to do with the end result for color on your project. Most wood species will develop it to a brown “barnwood” color or brown/ grey unlike similar products which give the wood a green tint.