UV Guard Log Home Stain


Two coat exterior wall stain.


  • 1st coat: 200-300 square feet / gallon
  • 2nd coat: 400-500 square feet / gallon

**$0.38 / square foot**



UV Guard is considered the ORIGINAL log home stain because years ago when everyone else said that it couldn’t be done, Weatherall created the ultimate stain to protect your logs.  UV GUARD is an acrylic wood finish that contains highly advanced UV absorbers and stabilizers.  These unique and effective additives give greater protection and longevity to wood surfaces that are continuously exposed to the harmful and destructive ultraviolet rays of the sun.  [divider]

UV Guard Advantages:

  • Superior UV Protection
  • Easy Application by Brush or Spray
  • Safe For Interior or Exterior Use
  • Excellent Moisture Protection
  • Engineered Green Qualified- Low VOC Formula
  • Water Clean Up
  • Low Odor
  • Compatible with most chinking and caulking materials. 
  • Contains an effective and environmentally safe biocide that resists decay and deterioration caused by mold and mildew.[divider]UV Guard Colors

Color Check

Each wood species and even wood of the same species accepts stain differently. Apply the stain to a sample piece of log or wood to be used. If possible, apply the test stain in the same manner that it will be applied on the wood surface. When the desired color is reached, add a coat of Clear UV GUARD. Heat the sample with a hair dryer to accelerate the drying and full color development. Standard shades of stains may also be diluted up to 50% with Clear UV GUARD for more transparency or lighter color.

**Note: Never apply stains without first doing brush out samples.

Surface Condition

Make sure the moisture content ½” to 1” below the surface is 18% or less. It is recommended that the moisture content is verified with a penetrating lignometer. With a moisture content of 18% or less, there is less chance of mold or microbial growth in the wood and better penetration into the wood pores.

Surface Preparation for New Construction

On new construction, we recommend that the logs or other wood surface be thoroughly cleaned with light sanding or with any commercial non acid cleaner, being sure to follow all manufacturer’s instructions for application and safety. If chemically cleaned, pressure wash the surface thoroughly with water to remove all traces of cleaning solution. Test the wood surfaces with Litmus paper to verify the pH neutral surface. (pH should be between 6 and 8). Allow wood surfaces to dry completely before application of UV GUARD.

Surface Preparation for Maintenance/Restoration

On previously coated surfaces, the wood surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned prior to the application of UV GUARD. This can be accomplished by sanding, pressure washing, media blasting or chemical stripping.  Mill glaze, sometimes called planers glaze, which can be identified by a shiny appearance and/or cutter marks on the wood surface, is the cause of coating failure due to the lack of penetration of UV Guard through the compressed/glazed surface fiber. All mill glaze must be removed by lightly sanding the affected surface prior to application of the UV Guard.


We do not recommend application in temperatures below 40° F., or in continuing wet or humid weather. UV GUARD applied during colder, humid weather will take longer to dry. If rain is imminent, do not apply UV GUARD.  After heavy rain, wood surfaces should be given several days to dry before application. If weather is hot and sunny, it is best to work around the house so you are always in the shade. Do not apply UV GUARD to hot surfaces. Do not allow UV GUARD to freeze.

**Note: Weatherall Company, Inc. provides an excellent EPA registered mildewcide that may be added directly to the pail (Stay-Clean I/ETM), and it is recommended for use in areas of high humidity where the wood is more susceptible to mildew.

Type of Application

UV GUARD can be easily applied by brush, airless sprayer or pump style garden sprayer. If spray application is used, back brushing is mandatory.


Thoroughly stir the contents of the pail to redisperse the pigments evenly. Very slight color difference may occur from batch to batch, as well as when the finish is not thoroughly stirred. To avoid any variations, a good technique is to blend all containers with different batch numbers, then stir thoroughly prior to use. Continue to stir periodically during application. If greater transparency is desired, UV GUARD may be diluted up to 50% with Clear UV GUARD. NEVER USE WATER TO DILUTE UV GUARD!

Drying Time

UV GUARD will be dry to the touch in 30 minutes to 1 hour and completely dry in 24 to 48 hours depending on temperature and relative humidity.

Clean Up

Clean up immediately with soap and water. Dried brushes will require cleaning with lacquer thinner. Spray equipment should be cleaned immediately per the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations for latex finishes. Dispose of excess materials and UV GUARD by following all local, state and federal environmental disposal regulations.


Store UV GUARD in a tightly sealed container in moderate temperatures (between 40° F. and 90° F.) DO NOT FREEZE.

**Notes: Not recommended for use on high density, high oil content or exotic woods.

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