• Chinking & Sealants

    Chinking & Sealants (6)

    Log Home Sealants All of our log home caulking and chinking products are formulated with premium acrylic latex. These log home sealants are stable through freeze thaw cycles, resistant to chemicals, salt spray, water vapor and mildew, are suitable for both interior and exterior use, and will accept any stain we sell. Synthetic chinking will seal wide gaps in traditional…
  • Stains & Finishes

    Stains & Finishes (18)

    Stains & Finishes Finish off your project right with a quality stain or finish. We only offer high quality finishes from the top manufactures.
  • Tools & Hardware

    Tools & Hardware (28)

    Log Home Tools & Hardware If you need help selecting the right product for your job, give us a call. We are here to help!
  • Log Home Insect Solutions

    Log Home Insect Solutions (3)

    Log Home Preservatives & Insect Repellents We recommend applying a wood preservative to help prevent rot and make your logs toxic to wood eating insects such as powder post beetles and termites. The preservative should be applied to clean bare wood. Allow the treatment to fully dry before applying stain or finish.
  • Construction Supplies

    Construction Supplies (60)

    Log Home Construction Supplies In addition to our milled wood products, we also can provide you with all the log home construction supplies to build or maintain your log home. If you need any products that you do not see listed here, please let us know!
  • Weatherall

    Weatherall (9)

    Weatherall Products For over 30 years Weatherall has been making and delivering some of the best log home chinking, caulking and stain products on the market. Weatherall is the only manufacturer to offer a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY on chinking and caulking materials while offering 3 and 5 year warranties on their stains. Peace of mind is never over-rated. Weatherall's products…
  • FastenMaster

    FastenMaster (2)

    Fastenmaster Products FastenMaster is a division of OMG, Inc. headquartered in Agawam, Massachusetts and manufactures high quality American made screws for the log home construction industry. We sell the entire line of Fastenmaster products. If you are looking for a product you do not see listed here, call us at 207.587.4832.
  • Waterlox

    Waterlox (7)

    Waterlox Products Waterlox provides a rich, hand-rubbed patina that enhances a wood’s grain and brings out its inherent beauty. Waterlox finishes penetrate deep into the pores of the wood forming a bond from within. This penetrating feature gives the wood an “open pore” appearance that is desired by those seeking a natural-looking wood surface. Waterlox is the first choice for…
  • CTA Products Group

    CTA Products Group (5)

    CTA Products Group CTA Products Group specializes in products for the Log Home Industry. They offer one of the few EPA registered wood preservative finishes still available in the US, and the only botanical insect repellent additive on the market. Their product line includes Exterior Finishes and Cleaners, Paint and Coatings Additives, and Interior Finishes and Cleaners. CTA's Outlast brand products…
  • Vermont Natural Coatings

    Vermont Natural Coatings (4)

    Vermont Natural Coatings Products The well-known dangers that traditional oil-based wood finishes pose to indoor air quality and human health have given rise to safer solutions. However, products developed to meet the call to improve air quality came with an undesirable dip in performance. In response, Vermont Natural Coatings manufactures PolyWhey®, professional wood finish made green. Vermont Natural Coatings collaborated…
  • Tremont Square Cut Nails

    Tremont Square Cut Nails (20)

    Tremont Nail Company Products Tremont Nail Company, offering specialty square cut nails from America's finest nailmakers. For almost 200 years, the company has achieved a reputation for skilled nail cutting that has made its product readily saleable throughout the markets of the world. Through all the changes and the hurried pace of modern industry the same product is still being…
  • Pioneer Wood Products

    Pioneer Wood Products (1)

    Pioneer Wood Products Gives new wood that barn wood look! Pioneer Wood Products- Patina is a safe, water based powder concentrate. When applied to new wood this product gives the surface a "barn wood" patina. Never needs to be re-applied! Gives any home project, interior or exterior that warm, rustic, barn wood look. Perfect for DIY projects such as picture frames, interior…
  • Dumond Chemical

    Dumond Chemical (2)

    Dumond Chemical Products
  • Starborn Industries

    Starborn Industries (2)

    Starborn Products PRO PLUG® SYSTEM for Wood combines the strength of top-down fastening with the high-end finish of face grain wood plugs. This comprehensive system allows deck builders to drill, screw, glue and plug all types of hardwoods in a fraction of the time required for traditional plug fastening methods. All of the Pro Plug System components have been carefully…