Fastenmaster Products

FastenMaster is a division of OMG, Inc. headquartered in Agawam, Massachusetts and manufactures high quality American made screws for the log home construction industry.

We sell the entire line of Fastenmaster products. If you are looking for a product you do not see listed here, call us at 207.587.4832.

  • LogHog Log Home Screws
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    LogHog Log Home Screws

    LogHog log home screws are a heavy duty structural wood screw, engineered specifically for log home construction.

    250 screws per box (7-13″)
    150 screws per box (15″)

    3″ Long Thread
    Includes one bit per box

  • OlyLog Log Home Fasteners
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    OlyLog Log Home Fasteners

    OlyLog log home fasteners are a standard duty structural wood screw, engineered for specific log home construction applications.

    500 screws per box (2 1/2″ lengths)
    250 screws per box (4-16″ lengths)

    2″ Long Thread
    Includes one bit per box