Log Home Insect Solutions

Log Home Preservatives & Insect Repellents

We recommend applying a wood preservative to help prevent rot and make your logs toxic to wood eating insects such as powder post beetles and termites. The preservative should be applied to clean bare wood. Allow the treatment to fully dry before applying stain or finish.

  • Stay Clean
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    Stay Clean

    Provides additional mold an mildew protection for log home stains & finishes.

    Treats 5 gallons

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    Outlast Mold-Buster

    Additive to control Mold, Mildew and Algae.

    Treats 5 gallons

  • nbs 30
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    Outlast NBS 30

    Environmentally friendly bug repellent for exterior wood finishes.

    1 pint (16oz.) bottle treats 5 gallons of Q8 Log Oil

  • Timbor Borate TreatmentTimbor Borate Treatment
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    Tim-bor Borate Treatment

    Protects your log home from carpenter ants, drywood termites, wood decay fungi and wood boring beetles.

    Coverage Rate: Approximately 4,000 Square Feet at a 10% Solution Strength / 6 gallons


    • 6 Gallons (25 lbs)
    • 8 Individual Packets (12lbs)
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    Transformation Siding & Trim

    Wood siding can be beautiful, but it usually screams “high maintenance.” Get Transformation Stain® Siding and Trim and give your ears the silence they deserve. Based on a stain formula that was originally created to withstand the extreme requirements of log homes, Transformation Stain® Siding and Trim wood siding stain is no stranger to high performance. It moves and flexes with the wood to maintain a protective coat that remains beautiful over time. The best part is that Transformation Siding and Trim won’t peel, which makes maintenance easy: a light power wash, followed by another coat of stain, and you’re done.