Custom Log Home KitThe Wood Mill has been producing log home logs and log siding for commercial log home kit companies since it opened in 1977. These days we also sell our own quality log home supplies directly to the final customer.

Many log home companies are just a middleman between you and the mill producing the materials. This adds significant cost to your log home. Additionally, most kits are sold pre cut which can certainly make your log home easier to build, but it also significantly adds to the cost of your home and makes it more difficult to make adjustments on site. All of our products are sold by the linear foot at mill direct prices to save you money without sacrificing quality. We only sell specialty log home products and highly recommend that you buy all of your roofing, plumbing, and electrical systems from your local lumberyard. This will save you thousands of dollars in delivery and unnecessary markups being passed on to you.

We are experts in log home specialty products, not construction. We do not involve ourselves with the construction or the design of our customers log homes. All of our log home “kits” are custom made and are commonly designed alongside a builder or draftsman. To place an order, please come to us with a materials list. If you are working with a contractor please have them assemble a materials list and call, email, or stop by so we can make you an individualized quote. If you need assistance in creating a materials list or designing your home, we can put you in contact with a contractor, builder, or architect in your area, but we do not provide any services related to the design or construction of a log home kit.

Log Home KitWe have the ability to provide you with all of the building materials you need for your custom pine or cedar log home, but unlike other log home kit companies, we will not force you to buy every part from us. You can pick and choose which materials to buy from us, the choice is yours. Stopping by our office is a good way to start the process of developing a materials list. By doing so we will provide you with a first draft of an itemized list for your custom log home kit which we can modify as your project progresses. You can also bring us a kit you like, and we will make a matching materials list so you can get a fair comparison!

Pre-notched log home kits are commonly very expensive for what you actually get. We can offer our customers log home packages that cost 25%-40% less than our competitions kits, with equal or better quality. Also provide you with the freedom to fully customize every aspect of you home. All of our log home logs are sold by the lineal foot. You simply cut the logs to the length needed on the building site. This allows you to make design changes during construction, giving you far more flexibility than pre-cut packages. It also ensures that all joints will be tight-fitting, and allows you to control of log selection and placement for your preferred appearance. When your cabin is complete, you will have a better quality log home and a lot more money in your pocket!

If you have any questions, or would like us to connect you with a log home builder, just give us a call, we are happy to help! You also can reach us by calling (207)587-4832 or emailing us at We accept orders of any size, from a single log, to small log camps, to large custom log homes. We look forward to working with you!


Log Home Kit Materials we can provide: