UV Guard Premium Log Home Caulk


Used to seal between courses for all of our manufactured logs.

11 oz. case – 12 tubes
30 oz. case – 10 tubes
Pail – Approximately 20 30 oz. tubes



UV GUARD Premium Log Home Caulk is a professional strength sealant that forms a powerful adhesive bond and remains amazingly flexible, water resistant and weather-tight for years. It can be used on log home joints, coated or uncoated wood, sheet metal, masonry, stucco, most foam boards, drywall and painted surfaces. It is also ideal for caulking window and door frames, baseboards, molding, siding and trim, corner joints, pipes and vents. UV GUARD Premium Caulk is an excellent restoration/repair product for log checks, window and door replacement, and areas where extreme movement have occurred creating voids or gaps.[divider]UV Guard Premium Log Home Caulk[divider]

UV Guard Premium Log Home Caulk Advantages:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Stain-able Surface
  • Easy Application
  • Safe For Interior or Exterior Use
  • Unsurpassed Elasticity
  • Engineered Green Qualified- Low VOC Formula
  • Water Clean Up
  • Durable, UV Resistant
  • High Recovery

[divider]UV Guard Premium Log Home Caulk[divider]

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