Vermont Natural Coatings Products

The well-known dangers that traditional oil-based wood finishes pose to indoor air quality and human health have given rise to safer solutions. However, products developed to meet the call to improve air quality came with an undesirable dip in performance. In response, Vermont Natural Coatings manufactures PolyWhey®, professional wood finish made green.

Vermont Natural Coatings collaborated with a University of Vermont team of chemists, and through dedicated research and innovation, developed a better product that meets the market’s performance demands and directly fulfills the Green Building industry’s needs. Through the use of recycled whey proteins, Vermont Natural Coatings has created professional products to make application safer for workers and healthier for all.

Vermont Natural Coatings’ overarching business vision involves using local resources and Vermont craftsmanship to create high quality products. High quality means not only well made, but also environmentally sustainable and economically viable.[divider] Vermont Natural Coatings floor finish has been the #1 choice for a polyurethane finish on our Pine flooring.