CTA Products Group

CTA Products Group specializes in products for the Log Home Industry. They offer one of the few EPA registered wood preservative finishes still available in the US, and the only botanical insect repellent additive on the market. Their product line includes Exterior Finishes and Cleaners, Paint and Coatings Additives, and Interior Finishes and Cleaners.

CTA’s Outlast brand products are some of the easiest products available for consumer or contractor use. Excellent results can be obtained without the need for moisture meters, pH strip testing, expensive surface prep, multiple coatings and special training classes.

The Wood Mill of Maine is your best source for CTA Outlast products. We sell the entire line at the lowest possible prices, and we offer free shipping on orders over $99, anywhere in the continental United States! If you need help selecting which products are right for your project, we have specialists standing by to answer your questions and provide expert project advice.[divider]We sell the entire line of CTA Outlast products. If the item you need is not listed below, call us!